32 LIVES Mac

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32 LIVES Mac

June 8, 2022 All vst4free Mac Plugin Synths Vst MAC 1
32 LIVES Mac

What are 32 lives?

32 LIVES Mac is a crystalline 32-bit to 64-bit audio units and VST crack plug-ins adapter. Which is enables you to drive your favorite 32 bit only plug-ins? There are no extra windows to open and no extra routings to make. Your favorite 32-bit plug-ins will come out in your 64-bit DAW as if they were indigene 64-bit plug-ins.  It is efficient with almost all 64-bit Audio Units and Studio One. You can also download ABLETON Live 10 Suite Mac.

32 LIVES Mac

Download Link: Sound_Radix_32Lives_macOS.dmg – 205.2 MB

Features: 32 LIVES Mac

  • It gives your  32-bit plug-ins new life with an adapter 64-bit.
  • Now adapts 32-bit VST and plug-ins for 64-bit.
  • It loads your old version with presets and parameters intact.
  • GUI does not require extra click and windows to access 32-bit plugs.
  • It also works with VST and audio units in Mac OS X 10.68.


  • The Abbey Road 124 and master pack.
  • It considers s Guitarist and Bassist.


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