Antopya Free Download

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Antopya Free Download

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Antopya vst cracks

Antopya VST Free Download

SoftJex vst cracks official website. If you are looking Antopya vst free download. Here you can download it for free. Download it by clicking below on [1.7 MB].

Antopya is made for ambient sounds and FX mainly. Also, the main engine of this tool is a FM and additive synthesis. It edits the harmonics intuitive through moving the planet on the cross-pad. Moreover, the result is vast smooth strings, bass sounds, pads and FX spacy. This synthesizer comes with 3 sub operators and 1 oscillator. There are 5 filter types such as FMT, LP, BR, BP and HP. For creating intuitive of harmonics, there is cross-harmonic pad included. Additionally, envelop ADSR and phase ADS envelop also available. On the other hand, it provides stereo delay and FX chorus filters and 1 step LFO as well. Users can also download Yonu60 Free Download.

Antopya vst cracks


  • There is a cross-harmonic pad included that is best for making intuitive of harmonics.
  • This synthesizer comes with 3 sub operators as well as 1 oscillator.
  • It offers an ADSR envelope and a phase ADS envelope.
  • In this synthesizer, you can see different filters such as stereo delay and FX chorus.
  • There are 5 filter types available like BR, FMT, P, BP and HP.
  • It also includes 1 step LFO.

Download Link: [1.7 MB] | Win 32

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