KusoSynth Free Download

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KusoSynth Free Download

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KusoSynth vst crack mac reddit

KusoSynth VST Free Download

SoftJex vst crack mac reddit official website. If you are looking KusoSynth vst free download. Here you can download it for free. Download it by clicking below on kusosynth05.zip [88 KB].

KusoSynth is a tone-deaf poly synth. It has been design for the KUSO music actually. It comes with different sections which contain different and useful options and functionalities. Also download Memory Free Download for free.

KusoSynth vst crack mac reddit


OSC Section:

  • DETUN: OSC De-tune
  • OCTAV: Octave
  • WAVE: Waveform
  • PORTA: Portament
  • MONO: Mono mode
  • KOSU: tone-deaf

VOL ENV Section

  • A: attack time
  • D: decay time
  • S: sustain level
  • R: release time

Morph ENV Section

  • A/D/S/R: It is a generator that will affect Tone-Morph harmonics.

Tone-Morph Section

  • It comes with harmonic settings from 1X to 6X. Its lower row is bass value and upper row is peak value.

Download Link:

kusosynth05.zip [88 KB] | Win 32

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