massTURBOtar Free Download

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massTURBOtar Free Download

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massTURBOtar cracked vst plugins

massTURBOtar VST Free Download

SoftJex cracked vst plugins official website. If you are looking massTURBOtar vst free download. Here you can download it for free. Download it by clicking below on [4.3 MB].

massTURBOtar by MORFIKI is a hybrid synthesizer that contains on some very unique morphing functionalities. Basically, all parameters which available in it can be controlled through the pre-set system of MORFIKI. Its parameters are best for velocity smoothing and excluding delay amount. Furthermore, it comes with HI-pass, low-pass and band-pass. Basically its band type and width can be controlled through 12-DB or octave Hi-pass or low-pass filters. Moreover, it provides dropdown menus which has fixed values for tempo and oscillator scale transposition. Also, there are 2 morphable oscillators as well as an A/R amplifier envelope also included. You can download Aethereal Free Download.

massTURBOtar cracked vst plugins


  • Its parameters are control by the pre-set system of MORFIKI. Also, velocity to bank modulation with adjustable smoothing available as well.
  • For the speed of LFO, it hosts synchronization
  • For oscillator tempo and scale transposition, it includes dropdown menus with fixed values
  • There are 2 morphable oscillators and an A/R amplifier envelope also given
  • This synth has voice control options such as legato or polyphonic
  • The band type and width can be control through 12-DB/octave Hi-pass and low-pass filters
  • It comes with modulation like A/DR envelope and pulse/sine
  • There are effects like delay, chorus, soft saturation and sample rate reduction included as well

Download Link: [4.3 MB] | Win 32

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