Prophanity Free Download

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Prophanity Free Download

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Prophanity vst plugins cracked

Prophanity VST Free Download

SoftJex vst plugins cracked official website. If you are looking Prophanity vst free download. Here you can download it for free. Download it by clicking below on [2.0 MB].

Prophanity is an emulation of a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 basically. This emulation offers very detailed information about all aspects of instruments. As well as, every subtle has been accounted for. Other than that, it is a freeware VST instrument that aims to clone the Prophet 5 for real. It comes with 2 oscillators. Oscillator a’ has OSC waveform (square/saw), sync, frequency and pulse. Similarly, oscillator b’ contains Osc Waveform (Saw/Triangle/Square), low frequency, pulse width, keyboard and fine. Also download Esline Free Download.

Prophanity vst plugins cracked


  • Poly-Mod: Osc B; Desinations – Freq A, Sources – Filter envelope, PW A, Filter
  • Glide, Velocity, Master Tune, Volume, A440
  • Mixer: Noise, Osc A, Osc B
  • LFO: Waveform (Saw / Triangle / Square), Frequency
  • Oscillator A: Pulse Width, sync, Frequency, Osc Waveform (Saw/Square)
  • Oscillator B: Fine, Frequency, Osc Waveform (Saw / Triangle / Square), Keyboard, Pulse Width, Low Frequency
  • ADS amplifier
  • Wheel-Mod: Source mix (LFO / Noise)
  • Filter: ADSR, Resonance, Envelope Amount, Cut-off, Keyboard

Download Link: [2.0 MB] | Win 32

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