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Shen Free Download

September 27, 2022 All vst4free 0
Shen vst cracked

Shen VST Free Download

SoftJex vst cracked official website. If you are looking Shen vst free download. Here you can download it for free. Download it by clicking below on [2.3 MB].

Shen is a tool that is especially designed for fix the problem of unwanted noise. It is basically a noise gate equaliser. Also, it offers amazing controls like attack level, threshold level, fade level, output level and EQ balance level controls. Further, the MIDI control feature allows you to control Shen with all MIDI controllers seamlessly. You are also free to download Orch Strings Free Download.

Shen vst cracked


  • It is a best noise gate equaliser.
  • Contains fade level, attack level, output level and threshold level
  • Amazing MIDI control
  • EQ balance level control

EQ section:

  • High Shelf: 2kHz – 20kHz range with 0-30dB cut
  • Low Shelf: 120Hz – 800Hz range with 0-30dB cut
  • Notch Filter: 800Hz – 2kHz range +/-30dB cut/boost Bandwidth selector

Download Link: [2.3 MB] | Win 32

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