Harmonus Free Download

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Harmonus Free Download

February 11, 2023 All vst4free 0
Harmonus vst cracked

Harmonus VST Free Download

SoftJex vst cracked official website. If you are looking Harmonus vst free download. Here you can download it for free. Download it by clicking below on the link.

Harmonus is basically inspired by a Magnus Model 300 Harmonium or organ. This is a brand of the Magnus Harmonica Corporation. Furthermore, it is capable to delivers a very smooth and quite different sound between a harmonica and an accordion. Other than that, its samples are captures in de-noised and stereo carefully to render the entire naturalness of the original organ. Moreover, on the left keyboard, mode one finger chord or a dedicated channel is given. Similarly, its original 2 octaves extended to a full 88 keyboard as well. Besides that, it offers built in effects like chorus, EQ, reverb and tremolo.

Harmonus vst cracked

Download Link:

Harmonus_osx_64_vst3.zip [10.6 MB] | MAC OSX

Harmonus_win_32.zip [29.0 MB] | Win 32

Harmonus_osx_64_au.zip [10.6 MB] | MAC AU

Harmonus_win_64.zip [30.4 MB] | Win 64

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